Passionate about “Food for my Soul” my jewellery business

When I returned permanently, a few years ago, to the place of my birth and childhood, I started to experience the most wonderful feelings of undiluted joy.  It’s not that I had been unhappy in my everyday life elsewhere but being back in my neighborhood, where I felt familiar, and with the smells that were evocative,  I had  those special moments and feelings. I was passionate that I wanted to start a business and give back to my town and my society around me.

I started a jewelley and accessories business. I identified a gap in the market, local and international, for more reasonably priced handmade jewelry. One of the local companies gave me a wonderful starting order and I was thrilled, and now when I look back I can’t believe how naive I was.  I wanted to  empower single women who needed to be the breadwinners in their families.  Through word of mouth, I formed this small group.  We started and now still work very closely together sharing, caring, having fun whilst being very creative.  I had to teach them passion for their work, they who had all sorts of ‘ real’ problem issues had to believe that passion and hard work would empower them.

It has been and still is a wonderful journey together and , yes, our group is ever changing.  We create beautiful handmade jewelry pieces that enhance the quality of your lives and better the quality of our lives. Being able to give back to women, whilst teaching them business skills is very empowering for me.
Carpe Diem


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