“Kamers vol Geskenke” 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to “Kamers vol Geskenke”( rooms full of presents), an annual Cape fair, on the Lourensford Wine Estate, yesterday. I had a small idea of what to expect, but I was really impressed with the creative talent . The setting was outstanding, so I did pause halfway through, to sit in the shade, have some tea and contemplate the view…..

“This year KAMERS celebrates a decade of women, their stories, dreams and growth through creativity, by providing a visual and creative feast of exceptional handmade & crafted products” , so say the organizers. This really is a show for women although there were quite a few men enjoying themselves.

My purchases above and below. I must be in a grey “mood”. I absolutely loved both these items. The light comes complete with the fitting and attaches to the wall.   I love proteas of all kinds.

I especially enjoyed meeting  and chatting to Andrea Semple, in between her organising and tidying her stock, “I employ a lot of the previously disadvantaged women from the local community and speak Xhosa fluently.

Due to the exorbitant cost of fresh flowers, we find our products are in ever increasing demand. We have had a wonderful response from the hospitality industry.

My Topiaries are handmade from Cape indigenous foliage, are evergreen and are treated specifically to maintain their natural colour. If kept away from direct sunlight, they will last indefinitely.

The benefits of topiaries are that they look wonderful all year around with minimal maintenance and are extremely cost effective.”

Being a hand crafter myself, I was most interested to know the how, and was fascinated to hear how each individual leaf is carefully placed. There was no way I was going home without one of her special pieces.

Below are a few of her wreaths for Christmas

W5 | P/G
W5 | Big leaf P/G Plain W5 | Big leaf P/G White W5 | Big leaf P/G
W5 | Big leaf P/G White W5 | Small leaf P/G W5| Small leaf P/G Brown W5 |Slangbos
W5 | Small leaf P/G W3 | Big leaf P/G W2 | Small leaf P/G W4 | Small leaf P/G
W2 | Big leaf P/G Charcoal & white W2 | Big leaf P/G
W2 | Small leaf P/G Glitter W1 | Big leaf P/G Silve

I had a wonderful time and no doubt I will visit Kamers again next year…



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