Quick plan Popup Shop Market

I had the opportunity this last week to take my jewellery and fashion accessories to a popup shop market. I had to do a lot of quick scrambling around to get my pieces organized for this specialized event.

While I was there, and it was a bit quiet, I had time to think, and as location is a central feature of a successful pop-up shop, I kept thinking of places, in my area with a lot more foot traffic. ( If you intend to start a private pop-up shop for exclusive customers, you should opt for a more discreet location.)

I approached a new venue today, it’s a restaurant with a paved area outside, between the road/kerb and their front door. The manager was surprised and intrigued with the idea and I came back to write my proposal and found some very useful information.

 Pop up shop markets are events, so I know, I need to make people excited for a special shopping experience. We, I am hoping there will be 10 of us, will only have a limited time to get customers, so we will need to keep focused when planning what to take. People love stories, we will need to tell our stories in our wares, very well.

We will all be local independent suppliers making handmade goods,( obviously no food or drink in competition with our host ). The idea is to rotate the tables so that the localised community get to enjoy some ever changing and interesting retail therapy, whilst meeting  for drinks, snacks and their meals.

Hopefully the answer will be yes and then spreading the word, before we open next week, creating the excitement, informing the bloggers, like you and me, will be fun and heighten awareness. I will definitely use social media once everything is confirmed, Facebook, twitter and flyers, ( I did one this afternoon).

I will keep you all updated on my progress.

Have you any “pop up”  advice for me, please ?

Sometimes popup stores renovate deserted spaces, like this one on 150 Spring Street in New York City.

Illy created a store out of a crate; it unfolded on all four sides to reveal a fully furnished living room.

Hermes opened up a temporary silk bar in Causeway Bay.

Hermes opened up a temporary silk bar in Causeway Bay.

Fernando Gros via Flickr

NesCafe opened up a free coffee shop tent.

Kate Spade opened up an inviting igloo for three weeks in New York City’s Bryant Park. It handed out free hot chocolate to keep shoppers warm.



  1. November 13, 2012 / 11:58 am

    ooooh! How exciting! I love the idea of a pop-up shop. I went to one in Newlands a little while ago … lots of fun.
    Sam (BYW)

    • November 14, 2012 / 1:29 pm

      Me too. Just waiting for some news back today and will be able to share it publicly.

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