Today’s jewel

My jewel for today is this beautiful orchid or phalanenopsis,( fallen-op-sis).

This beautiful orchid was given to me by a very good girlfriend last year. At the time she gifted me this plant it was in full bloom, as in the above photograph.

I remember deciding to place it in my open plan kitchen because I felt I would get maximum pleasure from this gift, while cooking and then whilst eating around the dining table. The blooms lasted for ages and my eyes kept being drawn to it’s perfect blooms and my thoughts rambled to my friend, my eyes often glazing over as I looked through the flickering candles that kept changing these stunning colors all the time.  Nature has an uncanny way of getting things just right.

After a couple of months, the flowers shriveled and dropped off and I was left with a stalk. Usually, in my house, when the flowers are gone, plants get relegated to outside. I did some reading up and found out that I needed to cut the flower stem  to just 2 nodes from the bottom..

I placed the green plant in my bathroom, in the window, out of a draft. I watered it from time to time and watched as a little node started to grow from the side. After a couple of months, I was thrilled when a tiny bud appeared and then developed.

Today, nearly a year to the day, I have new blooms.

Whilst writing this, I have decided I will call her after I have published this post and let her know how much pleasure her gift has given me over this past year.

I have always loved giving gifts and am learning to love receiving them too. Do you also feel the same?



  1. November 13, 2012 / 4:47 pm

    You have a beautiful green thumb!!! My girlfriend also bought me one and it didn’t make it:( Kuddos to you!!

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