Yin-Yang of emotions = technology and sun dried washing

My Yin – Yang of emotions were so heightened yesterday.

I do love technology but so often I just get totally irritated and seem to waste a whole lot of time trying to get it all ” in sync”, before I can accomplish the little task I set out to achieve. In this case editing a couple of photographs.  I became totally frustrated and felt……

I decided to catch up with some photography yesterday, that was fun. Plugged my camera into my computer, and before I could do the download, I had to chose to carry on with an iPhoto upgrade. No problem until I had insufficient gigs on my hard drive .

“Oh no, now what?”, ( feelings of irritation). Into my hard drive looking for space. Videos and podcasts into the trash, so now I am muttering, ” all my nice stuff”, delete, delete, delete…….

My go-to is so often tea, but in this case, I glanced across the room and looked at this little painting above my desk and the clothes line caught my eye, I knew this time it was going to be the hanging of my washed clothes, out in the sun to dry, that would calm me down.

The feeling  of the rays of the warm sun washed over me as I stepped outside. I heard myself let out a huge sigh, the slight breeze in the air and the color of the sky, oh my gosh, beautiful…..and peaceful. The boring pegging suited me just fine. I made my way through the basket and left the clothes happily waving me goodbye.

What a change in my being in those few minutes, …..I  came back to my desk to tackle the technology task again….

Anybody else out there enjoy hanging clothes to sun dry as much as I do?


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