Mood Board for Jewellery Inspiration

My current favourite Jewellery Storage Cupboard

I am always looking for lovely ways to store, that also means protecting, and showing my jewellery pieces. I recently bought this slim cupboard that is turning out to be one of my real favourite. I hope to be able to take it with me to fairs and shows as my ‘little pop up shop”.

It has the mirror on the outside door which makes it so easy to check once I have put my jewellery on. Not the backwards and forwards to the different mirrors in the house or taking one with me for clients to look into. I also like the long mirror. I get the whole picture in one.

On the inside of the door are storage places for earrings, lighter necklaces and bracelets. I have tried the heavier ones here but it was not a good fit at all because the door did not shut and lock properly. The actual cupboard has places for rings, hooks for the heavier lariats and necklaces, the longer and heavier ones are even supported by a shelf. Little compartments make  excellent bracelet storage and at the bottom of the cupboard there are two little drawers.

I really like the fact that the cupboard has a lock and is very contained.

I think the most useful, non tangible for me, is that when I open it I can see all my options so orderly. The cupboard actually encourages me to keep my jewellery neat and tidy and that definitely helps preserve it.

What are your good jewellery storage ideas?

Adorning Bridal Hair with ‘princess’ tiaras

I am often asked to make beautiful head pieces for brides. Here are a few of my creations. My favorite, I think, is the one I have called the African Bridal Tiara, this first one below, with the very colorful small beads covering the headband, the pearls, crystals and semi-precious stones, amber, citrine, rock crystal and amethyst.

When I had made the first one, I pranced around with it on my head and felt like a real princess. Some of my friends have ordered it for different  parties  they have been invited to. One of my closest friends wears it on days that she feels low and wants to feel special. She puts it on and almost by magic it immediately lifts her spirits, sending me a photograph wearing her ‘ princess tiara’.

Let me know which ones you love………

Passionate about “Food for my Soul” my jewellery business

When I returned permanently, a few years ago, to the place of my birth and childhood, I started to experience the most wonderful feelings of undiluted joy.  It’s not that I had been unhappy in my everyday life elsewhere but being back in my neighborhood, where I felt familiar, and with the smells that were evocative,  I had  those special moments and feelings. I was passionate that I wanted to start a business and give back to my town and my society around me.

I started a jewelley and accessories business. I identified a gap in the market, local and international, for more reasonably priced handmade jewelry. One of the local companies gave me a wonderful starting order and I was thrilled, and now when I look back I can’t believe how naive I was.  I wanted to  empower single women who needed to be the breadwinners in their families.  Through word of mouth, I formed this small group.  We started and now still work very closely together sharing, caring, having fun whilst being very creative.  I had to teach them passion for their work, they who had all sorts of ‘ real’ problem issues had to believe that passion and hard work would empower them.

It has been and still is a wonderful journey together and , yes, our group is ever changing.  We create beautiful handmade jewelry pieces that enhance the quality of your lives and better the quality of our lives. Being able to give back to women, whilst teaching them business skills is very empowering for me.
Carpe Diem